Philip Vermaas

Happy New Year,
dear Misfits and dear Dears.

When you kiss
let it be not concise.
When you fuck
may it be intimate
and extravagant
and fuse with
the firmest memories
of lived life.

If you see a good film,
may you know it.
If you read a good book,
may it change you.
With the free and kind
may you side,
and let the corporate
and greedy rue
your guile and incredulity.

Let your kitchen table
break from the weight
of handmade plates
carrying home-cooked meals
with crispy chicken skin
and potatoes
just the way you like them.
Down your white cotton shirt
may you dribble a bit
from the hundred jugs
of unexpectedly good wine.

May you steal the time
to dream and think
wild thoughts twice;
and a little more
to explore,
with someone you love,
an old or new vice.

if you’re still sober,
I wish you whisky
for your ice.

©2011 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. m lewis redford

    how bright, sunny kitcheny

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