“she collects broken things”

“she collects broken things”
Aaron Johnston

I am one
Among her collection
Satisfaction in my disrepair

The Maytag and I finalists for her affection

A beautiful competition
All but holy

My failures
No match for it
Similar but second only to truth

Chipped paint
Oxidized copper
Pungent smell of decay

All meaningful details

Refrigerant oozing from its guts
The chronic rattle of an undersized heart
So needy, so epic

Truly a danger to small children

Without her
Devoid of usefulness

Left wanting

I have seen her
Challenged by odds
To fix it

Duct tape
Bandages and cotton
Poems of hope

All to fix the unfixable
And return it to circulation
Because she cannot keep
What is not broken

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. OMG I read this poem and literally buckled. My knees weakened I proceeded to read twenty or so more…this blog is amazing.

  2. Thanks, Monica. The tone has certainly improved since MM started getting submissions from poets other than the curator.

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