Ron Yazinski

Disney didn’t go to funerals because he feared his own death;
And he may have been a cheap boss,
But stand in awe of what his spirit did bring forth.
On the set of an ideal Midwestern city,
Four and a half million lights pulse to the beat of Christmas music.

There are enough lights here to attract every passing god
That any man has ever imagined.
This is what America is all about.
All the lights that have gone out in churches around the country
Are here reassembled.

For people too timid to screen their home movies
On the sides of their own houses because there are ordinances against it,
This is the communal display of their lives.
Criticize Disney for the waste of energy and green house gases,
But marvel as snow falls in the warm Florida night.

Children stare and grandparents nod,
As if they were watching embers from their neighbors’ house.
Afterwards, as you leave, since you are the one in charge,
Fight the feeling that you are lost in the half-light
Of the Epcot parking lot, returning to your real life,

Squeezing the button on your key,
And hoping your car will blink its lights for you.


©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. A powerful and thought-provoking work by Ron. If you like this, read two of his other poems, PERSEPHONE and PIAZZA NOVONA. You’ll find them on the Easy Links to Poems page.

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