Paul Hostovsky
Me and Beth Jeannette had a little thing.
This was a long time ago when my
thing was little and I didn’t know anything
about such things. Somehow we ended up
upstairs in her bedroom on her bed
with her face very close to mine and a little
pimply. Her eyes were soft, her hands were
busy. My hands were folded politely
in my lap, as though waiting for tea or
poetry. My eyes, roaming the walls, found
an M.C. Escher print with tessellating
staircases, and climbed them peripherally
while Beth continued to block my view
with her nose. In the end, our little thing
was like those staircases—it went nowhere
though it seemed to be going somewhere,
especially when she touched my thing and I
had to go to the bathroom. All these years later
I look back on that little thing with fondness,
tenderness, and a little sadness, as though
I were looking back from deep within infinity
at my first tender, tentative tessellations.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. MM is very glad to welcome Paul Hostovsky to the growing list of poets. He’s submitted four poems, all of which will appear over the next while. From the first, LITTLE THINGS, you’ll get a feel for his wit, charm and fondness for the word tessellation. Hope you enjoy his poetry as much as I do. Find a link to his site via the Poets’ Page.

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