B.Z. Niditch

Speaking in timid first light
failing punch-lines

when driving north

on rough unsanded roads

\\\\ sitting on blankets

animated on a phalanx

of lost postmarks, directions
  patterns, night-knot diagrams
red eye magnetized apertures
     shielded from mountain gravity
a flowering sunshine
by shivers of high snow
in blinding infinite space
passing your being
   from the ARCTIC AIR
in transparent dispersion
of     winds, sparrows, trees
  from a perspective
of the longest month
reaching down

with no surveillance of  fierce
    pressurized  depths
to heaps of imagination
    whispering to molten earth
      the signs dormant
from itinerant awkwardness
to succoring words
those adolescent forget-me-nots
which  beyond any slant
   of stone  and bluish slate
caters to stark memory
when a  finger climbs
   a limpid liquid path
  to eek away the dust
at ex camera photographs
ideograms, cave paintings
  lithographs, excavations
in lost quarries
dislocated in figural speech
from the astral alembic   
speaker phones
of our own mercurial season.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. A clever poem from B.Z. which says much about the nature of words and thought.

    Coming up fairly soon is B.Z.’s ZOOSPHERE, a sci-fi serial. I’m gonna do some graphics for it. As soon as I have the time to do the graphics, the first installment will be published.

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