Glenn W. Cooper

     One morning a man’s work clothes take on a life of
their own and leave for work without him.
     What a fine arrangement! the man thinks.
     But before he can eat his breakfast, his breakfast eats
itself, leaving the bowl empty even before he gets the
spoon to his mouth. His glass of orange juice drains
before his eyes, as though in time-lapse photography …
     What now? he wonders.
     Ideally he would like to go back to sleep, but his
sleep has somehow slept itself, leaving him terminally
     He opens his box of paints but the paintings have
already painted themselves …
     The dog has already walked itself …
     The newspaper has read itself …
     The hours are long, since they have already played
themselves out; our man bears witness to the left-over
bits that time didn’t want …

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. Love this piece from Glenn. Have a look at his other works, which, if you liked this, you’ll also enjoy. Read AN ABANDONED HOUSE, A RIVER IS RUNNING & THE AMATEUR.

  2. m lewis redford

    … ‘time waits for no man’ … was this the subtle joke? We are nothing without our business to define us? And yet I wonder how interesting ‘the left-over
    bits that time didn’t want …’ are?

  3. Glenn captures the somnambulist poet in all of us in our sleepless deprivations, rituals,
    insomniacs filled with smoke and mirrors we filter through Glenn’s wold of coffee cups,
    juices, dogs, paint stains ,on newspapers,draining us to bits and pieces ,of words,
    political slogans .speeches all the minimal invasions that lives in the senses of our
    daily routines. Thanks Glenn for your vocal attunement to those times and moments full of release with discernment that his poetry readers have gained in his insight and enlightenment.

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