M.V. Montgomery   

I see my retirement as a time of liberation, picture myself sitting by a lake,
lunching at a favorite restaurant, then settling in with a book for the remainder
of the day, or until football comes on.  Or getting up early, hiking a desert
studded with saguaros, then retreating to a cool portico for an iced tea and siesta
in my chair.  Yes exactly: those will be the days.  Should be a hoot!

Unless, the nearer those golden years approach, the less agile my mind becomes.  
And I begin to lean in closer to address my students, who start to seem like
a second family to me.  And peer over my half-glasses, determined to recall
first names, and scan the glazed faces to spark any memory I can of my daughter
and her friends.  Smiling at the young people and shaking my head,

recalling the times as a single father I was forever working or commuting,
planning elaborate play-dates and parties on weekends, then letting the kids
trash the house.  Maybe cadging just a few seconds during an orientation meeting
like today’s to jot notes on the back of a schedule adjustment form, half-attending
to the announcements.  But knowing these days hold ore in them, too.       

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. Although MM still hasn’t published all of M.V.’s first lot of submissions, I thought this first poem from his second lot of submissions was the right one to go with today.

    A random selection of some of M.V.’s other work on MM:

  2. Fantasy is alluring…so much so that sometimes we forget the delight of reality.

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