Gerard Mullan

I fell into the ocean,
gasping for air
until my lungs filled with water
and I breathed

deeper than ever before
I breathed
pulling it into me
like a clear plastic packet
filled with cool waters
Lung shaped holes
something that was not me.

I breathed
Something slyly working within,
an impossibility
as my arteries pulled in the cordoned waters
so cold, so numb.
Eyes open
How am I not dead?

Another gasp
the water rushes into my heart
So cold, so numb,
and warm it
to a low Celsius.

I’m drifting
between two grey chasms.
Not certain where I belong
nor whether there is any difference
between the two.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. The first poem of Gerard’s to be published on MM. To read his challenging prose, click on the link:

  2. This actually gave me a bit of a nightmare..love it.

  3. I slept 4hrs and had 4hrs of nightmares about drowning..well done

  4. m lewis redford

    ‘… whether there is any difference / between the two’ gulp, very good

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