Ivan Jenson

There are many
milestones on the way
to the gravestone
and your plot will thicken
before your plot is dug
for now you are
in metamorphosis
not rigor mortis
and even if your body
is viewed lying down
it is still naked and alive
you may catch the flu
and start coughing
but that is a long way from
being done and through
in the coffin
you are still a force
of self consciousness
and a product of
a big bang
that most probably
took place during
Johnny Carson’s
for now
you are a just a speck
in the vast spectrum
and your transgressions
are just an apple
eaten by a split atom
in a garden
East of Eden
and weedy as
Western civilization’s
trivial pursuits

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. Ham and Hamlet is unscripted from a stand up comedian to a world needeing its icons

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