D.F. Paul

I am the dawn that’s breaking,
the wind that wipes away.
I am the wheel a sad sun’s turning,
the color washed in gray.

Here is a man that’s lying;
he leaves them all behind.
Sets sails for the wide world burning
for a land he’ll never find.

There is a world that’s winding,
counts days until the end,
builds storms over the tear-washed alleys
that men could not defend.

Gone is the boy that’s dreaming
to a place in his mind,
away from the waking world’s yearning
and all the eyes gone blind.

Behold the night that’s coming
after day’s final breath,
when a word from a lost love spoken
sets pride to rest again.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. Here’s a weighty poem from D.F. Paul. Quite a formal work, but I think it adds something to the “miscellany” of MM.

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