Ron Yazinski

Horse chestnuts are good for little else but love.
When I was in sixth or seventh grade,
And waiting for the first bus of the new school year,
I would while away my time with the other guys
Rolling horse chestnuts under the wheels of passing cars.

Most of them would be pleasingly smashed,
But every so often, one would be hit just right.
The hard nut would be squeezed out of its slimy shell
And sent flying at houses across the street, or other cars,
Or us, standing on the corner.
How we laughed, as we dodged them.

That was the first time I ever made a girl laugh,
By protecting her with the back of my Baltimore Catechism No. 2,
Batting away the nut that was headed towards her face.
She was petite, and as pretty a girl as there was in my neighborhood,
Where girls were as rare as silent letters in Polish names.
And her simple smile, from either joy or nerves, made her my first crush.
Even when her family, shortly thereafter, moved to Florida,
I couldn’t stop thinking of her smile.

Ever since, women with her body type, stir me.
I’ve never cared much for tall women,
Who would have caught the chestnut;
Or women who were average,
Who hid behind trees;
No, the kind that intrigues me
Has much to do with horse chestnuts.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. A charming poem from Ron. Head to the Poets’ Page and click on his name to read more of his work.

  2. Young Lochinvar, Lothario,Romeo wants to protect a damsel in distress while thinking what
    damsel is under this dress or could be under the bus. He thanks God for his Baltimore catechism, his own charisma, his Johnny on the spot rescue and for words to make up
    this poem.

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