Larry Jones

Flashing lights behind me
at two in the afternoon.

Immediately I pull over
into a red zone.

Where you headed? Asks the cop.

Coincidentally right here, the Mexican store, I reply.

I thought I saw you drinking a beer.

No, Sir, I don’t drink.

You can’t park in a red zone.

I’m just dropping off my wife at the store
then I’m leaving.

I could have sworn I saw you drinking a beer.

I wasn’t drinking anything, Officer,
maybe it was this you saw.

What’s that?

An ecig.

Okay, since I don’t smell any alcohol
you can go.


Beautiful young Asian female
accompanied by
ugly old Caucasian male.

Alcohol or drugs
must be involved.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. A second poem from Larry, a first-hand observation of a social woe. I also recommend his poem ASS BACKWARDS:

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