John Glennon
The sniper’s rifle hung from the parapet
still warm, cordite drifted from
the business end.

It resembled a cigarette,
dangling in the groove of an
ashtray which was given to you
as a souvenir from a place
you had no desire to go.

And you had no desire to go there
 ’cause you’d read stories of donkey
cruelty and the militia’s refusal to
accept Greenwich as the
centre of time.

Their struggle against the meridian
has been well documented in film and

Stories and rumours filtered in
from the hinterland, carried home in
economy flights from different time zones
arriving at the terminal, milling around the

Sniper victim 4 lay in a forensic
scene, white taped, surrounded by
duty free bags, and the secret dossiers
exposing the militia’s plans drifted, blood
stained, in the breeze.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. MM is pleased to welcome John to the expanding list of poets. I think this piece is very descriptive. To read more of his work, head to the Poets’ Page where you’ll find a link to his site.

  2. donalmahoney1

    This is the first poem I’ve read by John Glennon and I hope it is not the last.

    Carefully written, not simply typed, with excellent imagery.

  3. Hello there, MM thanks for posting..I’ll mail you another submission shorlty. If thats ok?

    donalmahoney1, glad you liked the imagery. Im not that great at structure so I try to focus on the images and the narrative, hopefully I succeed more times then I fail.

  4. Unsettling yet vivid poem by John Donal about our limits of our common boundaries.

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