B.Z. Niditch

POSTERS put out of season
of coolness, jazz headlights
turned up in blues
  on borrowed day beds
    as student princes charge
films at the Village
answered from oracles
on unslept day beds
of  liberated verse
   from alienated rec rooms
on closeted scenes
   snuffed by library
shelves, easel pyramids
time zones opened
to alleyway
notes fixed on sax
      playing up
in attics of hirsute
cutting edges
in tattoo  parlors
and sound proof studios
  on shaman nights
at the Cedar Bar
opened for the like-wise
and Marilyn,
spoken for in drag and drang
even by spies
of the cold war  
whispering your name
in code   
will be painted,imprinted
   patched up
  recalled and designed
in lenses
of abstract brushstrokes
       under popular waves
of optics and technicolor
dubbed in with high wired
patronage from the nouveau
psyche of the Beats
through the thrill
  of city oleographs
  entering the timeless body
       exrayed  tinted
  post mortem.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


Posted on June 11, 2012, in B.Z. Niditch, POETRY and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. A piece with excellent form and interesting content

  2. DeKooning and Marilyn keep playing.
    Keep playing on the imagination.
    Gone, yet timeless.

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