M.V. Montgomery

Eddie Rickenbacker and Baron von Richthofen,
united once more. Two insert photos
in the American Heritage Dictionary:
odd confluence of names.

The Baron is grim today,
a watcher keen from combat fire
used to defying the odds.
He died quite young.

Eddie’s grinning like Eddie Cochran,
sporting a tin medal.  Shyly
conscious of the photographer.
He lived a long time.

Did he grin as he leaned over summer barbeques,
long after, hands spiraling through smoke
to illustrate tactical maneuvers
to his grandchildren?

Did he never dream of the Baron,
his furious approach
through the frozen sky?

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. It’s an M.V. Montgomery day here on MM. Also published today is a collection of his called PUNS I’M NOT PROUD OF. Read it here:

    For more of his poetry, click here:

  2. old generals never die they just fade away near flowers of youth by lilies of the field near unmarked graves.

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