Anthony Ward
I want to curb those call girls
Touting for business on the fly

Who try to persuade me
They’ve got something
I’d like to have

Before cutting them off
With a tone………….

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. More succinct social commentary from Anthony. If you enjoyed this, have a read of POLICING:

  2. Whether a street solicitation by the bus stop or succubus in our sleep only a poet’s brief subvocal tone at a critical moment of reasoning or a budding Baudelarian yielding to fear of being cut off allows Anthony to reject the call girl.Only his whispering articulation of his speech organ sounds or his other organ will play on his mind the games centuries ago produced a Shakespearian Antony wanting Cleopatra or a Flaubertian St. Anthony thirsting for pleasure and release in the desert.

  3. Thanks for your comments BZ. I enjoy reading your comments about the poems as much as the poems themselves, but I have to say Cold Call is more about irritation than temptation.

  4. Ha! What clever word play. :) You make it sound as if you’re refusing, but I don’t think you are. “on the fly” … snicker. And I think “With a tone” really means “with atone[ment],” as if you’re giving in and asking forgiveness later.

    But reading your comment above, perhaps these are accidental word plays and you really are just talking about an irritation. Either way, I enjoyed the poem. I always love the tiny ones best. They say so much more.

    If you’re not really writing about temptation, I don’t know if “call girls” was exactly the right word choice. :) But yes, I suppose it is an appropriate term for phone solicitors.

  5. I agree that “call girls” was not the right choice of words, it is a major flaw in the poem as this is about cold calling from call centres being a nuisance, just like prostitution is perceived as an undesirable aspect of the sanctity of our society.

    This poem was intitially conceived by the decline of our industries as they are moved abroad while we become a nation of sellers touting for business, and was thus meant to be a sociopolitical rather than introspective piece.

    Of course call centres employ both genders, and this is why it’s a flaw. I wish I could have found a more appropriate term.

    This is a good example of how we can interpret things in our own way, both yours and BZ’ comments have made me wish I hadn’t of said anything and has left wondering if perhaps a poem about temptation would have been better.

    But thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them.

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