Frank C. Praeger

The next compensates and the next.
Who ‘s whistling with or without teeth,
whose steamed greens can partially allay,
whose curried green tomatoes can be said
to cater to contentment?
So, minute particulars do tell.
A small breeze ruffles my hair,
curtains blown about,
Mary’s inability to mount,
night disengaged,
a mix of satisfaction and pleasure
in eating early small budding sulphur shelves –
not appropriate,
nor is a spectral glow,
a warbling euphony,
or racketing melange of elbows and kneecaps,
a distancing hello,
a transient haunting refrain,
a gesture that can’t be recalled.            
As for the embossed anecdotal, maybe,
maybe not,
with brother, father following one another
in partially remembered, memorable lives.

Car bombs, obscenities
exchanged at each street corner,
walls of flame, then,
who would not be taken aback,
by each dereliction,  

each escape,

each unaffordable mishap.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. MM welcomes Frank C. Praeger. He’s sent in three fine poems. This powerful poem about the nature of life’s details and moments and memory and more is the first.

  2. A frank poem on the personal and universal particularities of the human menage without
    smoking mirrors you see the stink bombs of existence,with the sense and sensibility of a poet emerging from the cave man life here on an absurd animal planet and realistic world that makes us go ballistic until we can grasp and hold onto what is free and natural for us though around us is the primitive culture of a bearish kingdom in a shortened beastly
    epic of convention and intervention which cries out to save us from our own selves and psyches.A noble attempt by Frank C. Praeger succeeds in animating us to the credence of our humanity as he carefully listens to his own voice he speaks to and for others.

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