Kevin L. Kennel

There is a little man in my mousetrap.
His neck is broken so he cannot move.
But if he were a mouse, would I still feel nothing for him?
What if I caught my dog or your cat?
Would we cry if the pet weren’t ours?
What if I caught a goldfish?
Would I tell a child that toilets are tunnels to goldfish heaven?
If I had many little people in mousetraps, would I be a murderer or conqueror?
It would depend if I killed them for Uncle Sam or myself
Since they would be no one and someone at the same time.
What would happen if the mousetrap caught me?

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. MM welcomes Kevin L. Kennel. MOUSETRAP is the first of three pieces he’s sent in, and I enjoyed the way he framed his humanist ideas.

  2. Kevin’s proliferating and enlarging sympathy for the murid or empathy for the lurid asks is
    he favoring a man or a mouse or trapping us into love for all crawling creatures below our
    feet or are bipeds or two- footed animals too squeamish and unable to understand! I too was humored and mouse trapped to believing his humanistic argument which he does so
    expansively and convincingly.The clever and lucid phrasing would convict a jury of his peers
    of their prejudices, putting us back in our place! But these articulations, proliferating images
    and dative anaphoric words hardly animates the central arguments until we accept his
    rites and wrongs of our own animosities. Kevin’s well meaning gemutlichkeit, cordiality
    and good nature friendliness to the outsider, in this case a mouse will linger in our solace
    and mercurial house of mouse as I think I just saw a church mouse under my feet!

  3. I also see it as a social trap, what if I was caught and would be unable to be free, a working blue collar mouse. who cares for him an under dog over come and trap’d great poem for the thinking man

  4. I love this.

  5. Wow! Thank you for the comments everyone! Glad you enjoyed the poem and keep watch for another poem called “Walter” which i write in 2006 after my grandfather died and a prose piece called “The Elusive Fisherman.”

  6. I ran into a mouse once! Little guy seemed so terrified that I just had to feel sorry for it. Little fucker ran so I never saw it again.

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