Larry Schug

This Christian kid
said that if a tornado
was coming across the prairie
and all the people in its path
got together and blew–
that it was like a prayer,
and they could blow the storm
back to from where it came.
And I said
what I’d try to do
would be to inhale the tornado,
because it came from God.
People seem to have no problem
with someone else nailed to a cross
for their sins.
And besides, I just want to be loved.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. The last of Larry’s first batch of submissions to MM, which I thought ideal for a Sunday. I certainly hope he sends in some more work.

    Read his other poems by clicking the link:

  2. We are living in an age of poetic psychopathology or psychobabble of a Jesus-Magdalene, Samson-Delilah ,Ahab-Jezebel complex and complexity. Either people have a simple belief system for signs miracles, wonders or possess a paranoid double-minded questioning of any magical thinking. Freud thought he had found the secret from his own mind.
    Larry has us ponder our own questions of ethical behavior to each other or what constitutes the moral or morals of our lives and mortality,as we question any world beyond our selves which is all to the good and do not judge others in our own projections.

  3. Great voice coming through with this :-)

  4. I like this one because it is the truth of martyrdom from all the sermons. The beginning is about the collective intention. The end is the personal experience and the truth of motives. The willingness to make an ultimate sacrifice for the sake of adulation from others. I always thought that even Christ was not truly selfless. (Shhh, don’t tell my family they won’t call me for weeks.)

  5. This is fantastic. I love from “what I’d try to do” down. Excellent work.

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