Sonnet Mondal

Sweat tries to swim upwards through the hairs
of a labourer building the statue of the herald
but fails and falls in the soil sucked up by heat,
Vanishes as a struggling animal in quicksand;
Dreams drain and entity turns into fossils as slippers
walk over it.
His weapons are a chisel and spade;
He lifts them to protest but vacuum wailing in the curves
of his muscles make it fall again on the mummified ground;
just to dig, dig the ground for
the Herald’s statue must stand firm
or his existence will be buried under its
falling weight.
Toils will evaporate with the smile of the moon
The dawn will hear sounds again-
sounds of iron striking against rocks.
The air waits to weave those sounds
and strike a twister with them-
Tall enough for the world to see
bold enough to step over mountains
Clear enough to show the waving hands
begging a day out of slavery.
©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. Sonnet’s third poem on MM. I like what he has to say, and the way he says it.

    Read his other poems by clicking the link:

  2. Moving picture of a natural outsized situation with biting bite – sized language which defines
    the reality of existence.

  3. I really the finely crafted first six lines its a poem in its self, this is my third read

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