Laura J. Minning

I look down into the river,
and I see an Old Woman
staring back at Me.

Her hair has been changed
by the elements of time,
and Her cheeks are dampened,
by the bitterness in the air.

But Her eyes glisten in the moonlight,
just the same.

She tells Me, in secret,
that She will never allow Herself
to be hurt like that again.

And so Her mind lives elsewhere,
making plans for the future,
while attempting
to put Her past behind Her.

I try to console Her,
but every time I begin to speak,
She turns away.

You see:
I think She’s as wonderful on the inside,
as She is beautiful on the outside.

And sometimes,
she can appear to be
almost youthful and free.

But she won’t hear My words;
She won’t listen to Me.

Excerpt from “Dear Diary”
© December 2003
©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. MM welcomes Laura J. Minning with this well written poem about inquiry into the present via the future, or is it the inverse.

  2. A plaintive poem on the frenzied zeal for inner healing from the emotional devastation called
    life in a jaw-clenched human down to earth poem by Laura J. Minning in figurative language of openness and naturalness of speech where a recollected speculative past tries to catch up to
    the present to envision the future

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