Paul-Newell Reaves

When I fear–the dark, or cold, gunshots in a shady quarter,
that demons of shadow follow me; when I feel
like isolating, closing down, covering my head, turning inward;
when I am overwhelmed by the dangers I sought out
need to lock myself away in a world all my own creation;
I throw up my black hood to execute my fears:

A world of light, of magic tricks, gyre and gimble, dolls that talk,
hopping trains, of running gin, speaking French or Arabic,
of watercolors, oil-clay, graphite, inks and fountain pens,
colonnades and pinnacles and quarried marble blocks;
complexity, infinity, problems without solution
–of movable type, of telephones–
where minds may wander, illuminations bloom; where
every doubt’s akin to sin, where intuition’s understood.
                  When you’re alone,
              when you feel doomed,
         throw up your own

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. MM welcomes Paul-Newell Reaves with this expressive poem about the potential for the mind and imagination to set you free.

  2. I like this poem a lot.The first verse, kind of stark and uninspiring blossoms into a spilling cornucopia of images that set the reader and his /her imaginationfree. the black hood is the perfect vehicle. Sometimes by covering ourselves, we let the light in.

  3. The first verse, kind of shaded and mute blossoms into a spilling corucopia of images in the second verse. By covering up, we can sometimes shed light. Amazing. I like this poem a lot.

  4. There is an unreal presence of silent blossoms illuminating the voice and vision of Paul,
    not a despairing attitude but one of hiding out from fear yet there is no false note of wistful sentimentality even from demons in the psyche or from the outside in the poetic traveling
    and unraveling resonance of human language and integral speech.

  5. Mmm, I think I have black hood days!

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