Douglas Polk

A cardinal attracts the eye,
out of place on this gray dark day,
of snow and rain,
how the species survived being so damn red,
a mystery to me,
She like the cardinal attracts the eye,
her beauty draws a crowd,
feeling like a voyeur,
or satellite around a moon,  
as she battles her demons in our communal living room,
glad when my girlfriend convinced me to allow her to stay,
but she like the cardinal out of place,
she does not belong in our gray dark lives,
she and the cardinal need to be where there is sun,
and the world colorful instead of gray.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. The last of three poems from Douglas Polk. I hope you’ve enjoyed his work as much as I have. Let’s hope he sends in some more.

    Click the link to read the rest his other work on MM: https://misfitsmiscellany.wordpress.com/category/douglas-polk/

  2. the world colorful instead of grey……….please include me !!!!!!!!

  3. Like a theme in Wallace Stevens involving blackbirds here the poet commiserates with
    the cardinal sin of poetry, repetition in a beautiful way of language evolving ex camera
    in a lens of the human psyche and spirit.

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