Moriah LaChapell

During the Vietnam War
four American soldiers
lived in a Quonset hut
while they were
stationed in Guam. 

Their landlord Howard
was a strange
little man.
He had a shed
near the soldier’s hut
where he
would take LSD
and sit in his car
smoking while
revving the engine.

One of the soldiers
adopted a stray puppy 
he named Uncle Ho
after Ho Chi Minh. 

Once when
one of the soldiers
from a mission
in Vietnam
he couldn’t find
his puppy. 
He called,
“Uncle Ho, Uncle Ho, where are you!” 
While searching
he encountered
his landlord
with his wife
around a large fire. 
In the middle
of the fire
was a large
pot of stew. 

It smelled delicious.

Howard offered
him a bowl of stew
As the soldier
dipped his spoon
into the stew,
he asked him
if he had seen
his puppy. 
Howard replied
“dig deep the puppy is at the bottom.”

When dark
of my own
loss dominate.
I remember
the puppy
and find
in the
of grief.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. I just LOVE this poem from Moriah. For a different side to this fine poet, read her GYNOECIUM.

  2. Self observed and self absorbed more than a Tet offensive available to a humorous individuality
    in a duality focused on an outflanked enemy: seriousness.

  3. Oh this is good witty, dark and reflective and those last five line are superb

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