Afzal Moolla

Flitting in
and out
of malls,

Scouring the aisles
for more,

always for more,

through glittering halls.

Seeking out

Luscious fabrics,
softest silk,
satin velvet,
crushed denim,
trinkets and biscuits,
sleek gadgets,
that perfect shoe,
a must-have accessory,
cars, curtains, silver-ware,
gold time-pieces,
that stunning set of pearls,
as empty desire
gleefully unfurls.

Piling onto
heaving trolleys,



more food,

and yet more food,

to lighten the spirit,
to elevate the mood

as countless starve,

a prime pot-roast
of dead flesh
we must carve.

emptiness prevails

as quaint notions
of professed humility

silently creep,
out the back,

while unquenchable need
mutates, grows, pines,

it’s insatiable hunger,
no longer able to feed.

The saga continues,
smiling faces

in the intoxicated haze,
with eyes shimmering
through a toxic
trance-like glaze.

within the trappings
of excess,

the undead
waltz on,

to the torn consciences

that have
been so neatly,
so brutally,


©2012 This work is the property of the author.


Posted on September 17, 2012, in Afzal Moolla, POETRY and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. MM welcomes Afzal Moolla with this well crafted piece about consumerism.

  2. Excessive trip to the mall disintegrates in an endless materialism .Here the soul sells out in a
    market place of a morally defunct universe devoid of idealism choosing any form of idolatry for a
    Faustian bargain in this consummate poem on the substance of consumerism.

  3. Its wonderful to have my poem featured here at ‘Misfits’ Miscellany’! Thank you all…

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