Irena Pasvinter

I know they are angry with me,
not just annoyed.
Speechless, they stand
in unanimous crowds
gathering dust on the shelves,
tired of waiting,
of dreaming about
spreading their pages
like wings.

They think I’ve betrayed them
forsaking their silent song
for the noisy chatter of movies.
Dear friends, you are wrong —
I admit letting you down,
but I’m no traitor.
My greedy fingers trace lovingly
your dusty spines.
I remember you all, new and old,
and crave

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. MM welcomes Irena Pasvinter with two poems. I loved her take on neglecting books, to which I can wholly relate.

  2. Books in a kind of Jungian parable like Abel’s myth cries out at modern Cain’s act against the burning of books in our culture for the lesser and cheaper but less self-satisfying sacrifice of the movies.

  3. I think we form bonds with books almost as strongly as with people. Not just their content, but the specific volume. We have to invest time and effort into knowing them – just like a person.
    When I emigrated, I off-loaded most of the contents of my numerous bookcases rather than pay for their transit to Canada. I still suffer from the trauma. Some have been replaced, but they are not the same – just reminders of the volumes that I first invested time and emotion in.

  4. Read girl, read. :) There is no better way to improve your writing than to “trace … dusty spines” and “crave, plunging inside.”

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