John Grochalski

it is hard for me
to understand people like this
stopping at the foot of their home
almost every morning on my walk to work
there is usually some new disney trinket on the lawn
mickey mouse dressed as uncle sam
as a jack-o-lantern
as santa claus
there is a disney flag of the magic kingdom
with fireworks and other glorious bullshit
stitched on to it
they have it posted next to their american one
the two pieces of misused cloth
waving in symbiotic motion
i think these people cannot be human
or else they must’ve been lobotomized at birth
or dipping heavily into a pharmaceutical bounty
unparalleled in these parts
for even their front window is stuffed
with goofys and minnie mouses
and that fucker, donald duck
a plush nightmare piled so high their yapping dog
can’t see the light of day outside
that house is sight enough to turn to toughest stomach
but it’s mickey that raises my ire the most
staring at that vile and repugnant rodent
that four-fingered corporate shill
and his white castle of fantastic horror
i am reminded of how far my countrymen and i
will have to go before we ever
find a common ground
of a delusion that so many of us cling to
one big disneyland of the mind
then i move on down the street
toward the cops frisking a group of pot smoking teens
a teenage girl wearing a bikini top
white short shorts
and a bright red thong
letting her dog shit all over the street
while she pulls him along
yelling at some poor whipped asshole on her cell phone
all before nine o’clock in the morning
because when you live in the happiest place on earth
it’s best to act accordingly.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. A second poem from John Grochalski. I knew that Donald Duck was a fucker!

    Read John’s first poem on MM by clicking the link:

  2. Can’t say I have ever heard Donald Duck being called a fucker before either!

  3. I really loved this poem. Really resonated with me.

  4. I used to like Donald Duck!

  5. These are great lines:

    “with fireworks and other glorious bullshit”

    “i think these people cannot be human”

    “because when you live in the happiest place on earth
    it’s best to act accordingly”

  6. There is a Disneyland of the mind in some parts of the States like in Florida, of poor souls trying to find the fountain of youth since Ponce de Leon, theme parks of the unsayable but John parks it in just right.

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