Mark J. Mitchell

Where do you store your household gods
When people come over? Do you
Hide them away like piston rods
You stashed behind your house? Some gods
Dislike that, but what are the odds
They’ll notice? It’s not like it’s news.
I’ll bet you ignore your household gods
When people come over, don’t you?

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. A second poem from Mark. I love his take on the private world hiding from society. This poem speaks volumes in few words.

    Read his A SESTINA IN A HALLWAY, by clicking the link:

  2. it is a succulent poem of hidden things from everyday people, who we call friends but don’t let then in to our private thoughts ever. We hide our true selves introvert always from the view of the many keeping an aspect of the truth, but not the whole truth to the one

  3. MM posting a comment on behalf of B.Z. Niditch:

    Mark invites us as his guest with household gods, minds, wills, emotions, hidden hands, stolen goods,secrets, rock song sheets, meditations, in a fine thinking man’s philosophical poem.

  4. My household gods remain in plain sight. Maybe a visitor will convert.

  5. The poem has some remarkably effective language.

  6. A sphere where all of us can interconnect on Mark’s visitation we become an intentional guide
    to different company.

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