Ally Malinenko

I spot them down the street before my husband.
Where? he asks
craning his neck a little until they appear,
like a magic trick between
the crowds of tourists and New Yorkers.
They’ve been in this country one week
and already, too much has happened.

We agree to drinks and set out. Salud. We clink glasses.
I ask how the day went.
It is so big, they tell me. Not like Madrid.
We build up and up and up
I tell them, pointing at the buildings
thinking of America’s need to reach something unreachable.

It is like a fucking movie, Oscar says. A fucking movie
a wide grin as he rolls his cigarette. I love it.
Me encanta, she says. We love it.

Later, we’ll put them in the car,
after hugging
and promising again maybe next year.
Maybe Rome?
Maybe Barcelona. Again next year?
We promise and we promise.

Write us, my husband says.
When you land so we know you are safe
and I watch him help her get her bags in the car.

We will miss you so fucking much, Oscar says.
We hug again and again.
They get in the car, doors shut. I have already helped
them put together the fifty dollars for the driver.
Tip, tip! Oscar says and I nod. Yes, tip.

The car pulls away and they turn and wave through the back window
Aida mimes a tear on her cheek and I brush at my own.
They wave frantically as the car heads down our street.
It is like a fucking movie.

We got back inside, clear up the beer bottles.
We sit on the green couch, in the thick silence of their absence.
My husband places a warm hand on my knee
and reaches down to fetch the wine bottle,
my hand already reaching for my glass.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. MM welcomes Ally Malinenko with three excellent poems. This reversal of the fish out of water idea, is the first. I think it captures the flurry and energy of a visit very well.

  2. Ally’s poetic powers display her regaining serio-comic poem with a finely spirited view of New
    York City not quite what Lorca experienced on his visit but after all this is a screened movie culture not for government or street ministers nor film directors but for those who watch the Big Apple scene minus subtitles for America’s latest touristas.Gracias, Ally, for exploring and exposing to us your once muzzled now puzzled view of the New World newly bottled in your wistful glass darkly.A moving picture winner of a poem. Congratulations!

  3. I’ve read more than a little of Ally Malinenko’s work online and have liked it. But this poem will stick with me longer than others, I suspect. It’s like one of those tattoos children paste on. They take a while to disappear. Or maybe it will hang around in my mind longer–like a real tattoo. Very nice work. Great sound. But I like the sound of the author’s name even more. A poem in two words if my ear is any judge.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, guys. Glad you liked it. And thanks again to Misfits’ Miscellany for giving it a home.

  5. !Me entanta el poema, Ally! I loved it at the same time you wrote it. And I love you so much. My cheek is full of tears now. Thank you… for being. ¡SALUD!

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