D.F. Paul

I had a dream about you.
You were naked and didn’t care;
you said you had nothing left to hide.
It might have been the truth
or just what I wanted to believe.
We were in that place on the beach
that you don’t remember
because it never existed.
You told me to touch you
in a voice that might have been mine,
but I touched you all the same.
Your skin wasn’t porcelain,
it wasn’t electric to the touch, or cold.
It was only skin, but it was yours.
There was a sound under the tide outside:
whispered words I couldn’t make out,
but they didn’t matter next to you
and the lovers’ dance we’d never danced.
There was no music save for us
and the desperate sounds of love;
they speak more truth than words.
The world burned outside,
Babylon turned to dust,
but within Eden flowered
a paradise for us.
The dream was over and I woke
lying alone again.
I couldn’t remember when last
I’d held you in the night.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. Love this poem from D.F. Paul, from whom we haven’t heard in a while. I think this not only captures the nature of a dream, but how a dream can haunt and become part of your waking mind.

    Read his earlier poem by clicking the link:

  2. Shades of a sustained Blakean ravenous dream life in an iconic uncanny poem.

  3. Sounds like an obsessive caught in the half-life between reality and dreaming.
    I found it quite chilling – a well written poem. :-)

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