Steve Klepetar

When green assailed our senses
we dove into earth. With
our mouths, we formed caves

and rendered walls shadow
black. We comforted
streams and sought council

from frogs.

Nothing surrendered.
Out in pale air, trees
*trembled, singing oratorios
of woe. Green

*oceans rose from fevered
fields. Mice scampered just
*beyond the reach
of our comfortable
ears and rain

splattered in huge drops
on stone faces guarding the idle corn.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


Posted on October 31, 2012, in POETRY, Steve Klepetar and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. MM welcomes Steve Klepetar with three poems. I loved the vivid imagery of this first piece…for some reason it put me in mind of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

  2. Evocative equivocal images of “Green” from Steve planting for us a growing sensational embrace of natural life giving forces within a poem of scintillating expressionist language awash with creative vivacious verbal play.

  3. Joseph Lisowski

    I applaud Steve’s wisdom in seeking council from frogs. If only our politicians were as perceptive or courageous!

  4. Good work, Steve. “Green” also puts me in mind of the Romantic poets of yore, but in a much more real, down to earth way. We need to find those things that are “beyond the reach of our comfortable ears”.

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