Anthony Ward

The city appears like a cemetery
Cemented on the outskirts of villages,
With people apparently dead to the world
Walking out of countenance
Looking mortified as they wander
Passed the grave architecture of a wasteland,
Where the undergrowth climbs so high
It’s all you can see from the window.

The delinquent degradation bringing about the depredation
Of individuals whose persistence of memory invokes a prison
For those who are free to escape yet can’t for the life of them.
Spending superficial days supporting artificial nights,

The neon nocturne smudged like paint across a canvas
Improvised by fortuity residing inclement
Upon the pane of what keeps us inside,
Looking out upon streets strewn with anonymity
While vying to find a name for ourselves.

Our lives playing out like movies in the background,
That we pay no particular attention to-
Able to recite dialogue as if we’d seen it before.
Not concentrating, but letting it play out.
Merely a cast of interactions imitating the life we think we deserve
Through self fulfilled prophecies.
Our pride preceding our fall,
Made all the more prominent by our height.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. MM has previously published some of Anthony’s work, but he’s sent in some more good stuff, and this first one put me in mind of a Michael Tolkin novel I read years ago, Among the Dead.

    Read Anthony’s previously published poems here:

  2. An unusual philosophical poem of a live wire from dead souls interacting with accessible
    language that rises about our circumstances.

  3. really wild poem…………..loved it !!!
    this is the kind of poetic language that comes to mind when you are on the examination
    table waiting to be probed by an alien: ufo abduction mindscapes

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