Steven Kain

As a child I often wondered
If ever there would come a time
In the far away future when
So many people died that the graveyards were full
And we had to keep opening new cemeteries
That would eventually be filled too
All the fields, forest, empty lots would be transformed
Until all dry land had death beneath it
Forever miles and miles gone
Every three feet a headstone would stand forth
So that you couldn’t drive or
Fertilize the land or
Build a house or
Enough room only to share a bunk bed with a zombie

You would learn to live your life around death
No longer able to ignore man’s greatest fear
You would become desensitized
By it, by them, by us
Respect replaced with annoyance
From those taking up your space and time

©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. A second poem from Steven, who also a short story under the prose section. I like this piece. I’m reminded of Freud’s theory about the sense of impending doom, Thanatos, which he observed after WWI (I think). He suggested that after the soldiers witnessed such atrocities, man’s inhumanity to man, there was a shift in consciousness: man was no longer willing to live at any cost, which had been the accepted theory of biological drive until then. Something like that!

    Read Steven’s first poem here:

  2. Steven’s Thanatos judgments exercise,energize, exorcize ,exert, and exhort us. TS Eliot spoke
    in his “The Hollow Men “Mistah Kurtz -he dead” and then there is “Shall these dry bones live”.

  3. people in palm beach county florida are willing to live at any cost

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