H. Lynnette Barr


I quit

in favor of that theory about



So I scrubbed

********the tobacco

***************from my lungs

********and the pesticides

***************from my intestines

********and the alcohol

***************from my brain,


***************the artificial flavoring

***********************from my personality

***************the guilt tracks

***********************from my memory

***************the bodily fluids

***********************from my fantasies




**********Gone crybaby********crazy lady

*****************shit and cock and



************************cosmos and hiding and

************************clutter and


finally, *****************for my grand finale,

*********I threw away every






I did that, ****************and the rest came

*************************flooding back.


**********I quit.


©2012 This work is the property of the author.


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  1. Nice strong piece can relate

  2. MM welcomes H. Lynette Barr with one poem…and I good one it is…though I did have a few problems formatting it.

  3. Certifiable anatomical poem like a Michaelangelo or Moore sculpture by H.Lynette Barr reshaped for modernist visual linguistic readers and listeners. It must be difficult to format, however, with my congratulations on a fine effort by poet and editor.

  4. Allie Marini Batts

    The formatting problems? WORTH IT! I love the unconventional typography of the piece– it keeps the reader visually engaged with the words on the same level as their emotive intention, and there’s something both sensual and desperate about the way that the lines snake their way down the page. Love, love, love this piece!

  5. very good ‘and the rest came / flooding back’ like the long-lost friends that hadn’t seen you, like, for a week; ‘out, out damn spot’; the more you scrub / the more sore you get;

    great fun

  6. & isn’t this how it goes? haha, i love this.

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