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Anne Martin

she had everything I wanted
most of all his notice
I saw him watching
like he used to watch me
when I was her age

perfect arse in her black Levis
full red lips with no make up
… that was my trick

one more button loose
showing off what I never had
his eyes followed them as she passed
and he doesn’t even go for breasts
or maybe just not my paltry pair

she sat tuning her viola
right in front of him
… I was occupied elsewhere

I remember when that was my seat
now, I couldn’t be further away
damn European orchestras
I’ll take an American band any day
just to be where I belong

he liked to watch my back
sultry nights in the pit
… when I went strapless

he was mine then
had his total attention
now he window shops
blond hair, blue eyes
twenty, could be his daughter

our daughter, if I’d had my way
look, but don’t touch
… touch me instead

I know he looks still
but not like that
damn drooling bugger
where did I go wrong?
we’re ancient history

ancient, yes, a passing fancy, she
too old for that babe, I remind him,
… not in so many words

she’s there now
but I still hold the cards
he knows where to find me
all I have to do is turn around
I wore my strapless tonight

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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