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Sonnet Mondal

The horse-cart runs along the bridge
and the bridge gets a last backbone massage
of the day for it is midnight
and the last thing passing on it.

On board, me and my girl friend
smile in the rejoice of the slaves of day time-
the iron rails, closed shops and cemented roads.

“If I hadn’t left my government job,
we would have been so poor to board a cart…
and we wouldn’t have had the time
to be the king and queen of this thumping silence…”

Our confessional talks of whatever is, is nice
leaves a trail to provide us the tag
for next confessions.

Words, looks and a trivial adventure like this
provides a space to pop up our heads
out of daily commercialization of life
and take a breath like a whale to vanish
into the depths of our sojourn, once again.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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