B.Z. Niditch

Adam and Eva are listening and watching The Beatles recording and filmHard Day’s Night.” Eva softly spoken accuses Adam of being hard on her in their space habitat on the Bernal Sphere.

There are storm clouds in their relationship.

I saw you responding to Sylvester Cain’s advances.”

I get bored with you, Adam. I enjoy a fling with an espen like Sylvester or my other ex, Billy Bob.”

I know you visit chat rooms with them.”

You still have your human jealousy. You would think by now as a well known chromonaut in your space time of travel you would be more open minded. I have loyalty to this star ship, but do not have to be tied down to you, hanging on to your elevator. I asked all of you to meet in our bedroom but you rejected the proposal. Instead you arm wrestled for my affection.”

And who won, honey?”

Big man, you did, but then Billy Bob and Sylvester parked in another orbit.”

I saw them on the Zoosphere and heard them small talking about you.”

I’m not surprised. They get off on making you jealous.”

They are two of a kind.”

They are free to astrogate, to navigate all their post-human feelings and affections.”

And I am only a robot to you ,sticking it to only you.”

“You are rather mechanical making love.”

Eva, you turn me off with your constant nagging.”

“I wish you would be a grok with more understanding of the other sex.”

You used to accuse me of being oversexed. Want a rough and tumble on the outer radius?”

I think you need a sex spacey therapist. I am meeting my two exes on Venus. Will you come?”

I can come or go at my own pleasure.”

Don’t forget your sex smart pills, Adam. You ran out the last time.”

Adam and Eva are fighting on the orbital tower.

Eva escapes through a hatch on the space elevator.

Adam puts on the Zoosphere, lights up a Cuban cigar and listens to Elvis’ recording of “Love Me Tender” and puts on his 3D glasses to spy on Eva.

She is making out with her exes and is thrilled to know Adam is watching, enjoying it vicariously.

In the morning, all bathed, Eva finds Adam on the Zoosphere watching a discussion of Platonic love, a discussion of Che and that German philosopher who went mad. Adam is listening to “Just Spoke Zarathustra”, a hot-line for dudes and dudettes, and he calls in his question of loyalty of relationships in space.

Oh, Adam, seeking help on the hot-line. That’s for losers who have ceased to be hot.”

Hotentot, bitch, girlie girl.”

Just picking up my things and going away.”

Leaving me for Billy Bob or Sylvester? Just curious.”

Adam, I don’t want or need your grey goo. I want to experiment up here.”

Eva closes the sky attachment.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

  1. “he calls in his question of loyalty of relationships in space” … Ha! I am loving this story, B.Z.

    “Eva closes the sky attachment.” … Things are not looking good for this “marriage.”

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