B.Z. Niditch

After a rough and tumble night with Eva
through the Bernal sphere’s storm clouds
on a light sail, Adam attaches his skyhook
to the space orbit with its vast propulsion
and reflective of his own system of all go
to his ego.

“Only a post-human like you, Adam has
the chromonaut personality of an espen.
My choosing you for your extraordinary powers to be my lifelong space partner
gives me no rest.”

“I hate to be mundane, Eva but did you make my mind food with my smart pills?”

“Of course. They’re by the Zoosphere. Please turn it on.”

“I sometimes think you prefer to watch
and listen to the Zoosphere than to me.”

Eva adjusts the Zoosphere to the decades
of poly-sci talk, thinking Adam still enjoys a
good political debate.

Different world leaders offer their pap
to the masses of mass men and women
on their prole or upper class stations.

Putin sounding like Rasputin, Hitler
and Stalin boasting of their conquests
for the masses, philosopher kings like
Chomsky pontificating makes Adam
turn off the station and he puts on
a Bach cantata number 56, then the
music of Smetana’s “Bartered Bride,”
then Martinu, followed by Scriabin,
Pasternak’s music teacher.

“That makes me ecstatic, Adam. You are mystical today with magical thinking and a magical touch.”

“I try to be a good grok, to understand
and appreciate all the fine arts with the
four humours and to empathize with the
past post-humanist world now that we live
in a light cove of futurism.”

“Adam put on your 20-20’s three D’s and
unfasten your mega earplugs quickly. Your romantic rival for my affection Sylvester Cain is on the Zoosphere.”

“Doesn’t Cain ever give up his human jealousy after all these mega years of time.
Screw him.”

“Please don’t bring up the past. Have a
western civilized conversation once in your
life time.”

Eva hears Sylvester’s heavy spatial breathing on the Zoosphere along the
Astrogate as he navigates close by.

“Eva, darling, you remember me when
I proposed to you on Clark’s ring. I meant
it then and now. Adam with all his bravado
cannot boast to own two planets I discovered light years away, and tell me
whose physical body as meat space
is like mine with all Adam’s metaphysical
chemistry and alchemy which pales by my
super alpha male type-A personality.”

“Eva shut off the sound on the Zoosphere.”

“Sometimes I admit Sylvester’s voice
turns me on. Once on the star wisp
we got it on. You were on the outer
radius of the Alderson disk and I parked
in Sylvester’s orbit.”

“I heard the recording, Eva, myself because
you left the tape on, accidentally on purpose, to make me jealous. It didn’t
work then or now.”

“I guess we just can’t live without the Zoosphere or without each other.”

“Put on the Beethoven’s quartet no. 14
and read me T.S. Eliot.”

“Why did I go space travelling with such a high-brow I will never understand. Even
when I saw Dr. Cadet for spatial analysis
I couldn’t understand it. “

“Please read and good day.”

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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