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Tracy Elaine

Among the
Palisades of Vogt
Where the stem of life resides
(Though seldom in the horizontal meridium)
Dwell this curious bunch:
Dog Soap Festival:
Safe pivotal dogs
Fold Gestapo Visa…
Fetid vassal Pogo,
adoptive golf ass,
Avoid fast gospel!
Deaf gossip Volta –
food spit salvage?
We look into the folds
of Epithelial Rete Ridges:
Eight reels spirit Adele
Tighter, sleepier ideal…
Eager Hitler, idle spite!
Hot Immoralized Ruin
And amid the chaos
the man himself:
Daimler Thorium Zion!
Dam lionizer Thorium!
Thru idiom normalize…
Our harlot minimized.
What do we find
Behind the mirror
Of our conjunctival carvings,
namely, our
Convicts jog punchily.
And their
Radially oriented hairpin loops?
Arrantly despaired in hoi polloi,
Sad tailor honorarily pipelined.
Daimler Thorium Zion
makes his reentry, seeking
horizon mat delirium,
Heinz lid moratorium
Mad heir, Zion turmoil:
Hid Zion ultra memoir…
Hit Daimler, zoom ruin.
Amid the Palisades of Vogt
where the stem of life may reside
and where Daimler Thorium Zion may yet lurk
(Sad, savaged leitmotif hop),
I am flash, top-dog sedative.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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