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Bruce Ruston

I want to be 8 feet tall
with a solid Square
            Like Judge Dread
            a demonised lawman
I want to drink whiskey
and dine fine
so long as Mephistopheles
            Pays all the bills
Gun slinging an’ 8 Feet tall
taller and meaner than
Clint Eastwood
Writing to David Niven
about old dead charm
and the death of chivalry
            Death and chivalry
Like old brave tail gunners
on their last foray
Or a television cop
about to retire
            Calculating the odds
            of survival, and loading
            a well oiled revolver
With a cigarette
hanging out the corner
of tabloid worn face
These old times hard men
that we developed from
black and white
            The flicks where cool
            back in the time
            before they started
            pimping for gross returns
John Wayne no longer swaggers
CGI now gives you
            the colour
But I don’t want that
I want an old fashioned
Lady’s man with a witty temper
            Holding a dead wife
            in a Aston martin DB6

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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