The “Today’s Featured Poem” & “Yesterday’s Featured Poem” links are being updated twice a day. There have been so many submissions, that MM has had to publish twice a day to catch up. So, “Yesterday’s Featured Poem” could be a poem from earlier in the day, depending at what point you click it. For a full list of all the poems with poets’ names, and listed chronologically, I recommend heading to the ALL POEMS  page.

Misfits’ Miscellany is a magazine in its first stage. Hard copy is the goal and then, in the land of dreams, to actually sell a few of these mythical hard copies to those who contribute and to those who are tired of having their printed material governed by a set of money-minded publishing houses or, on the other bloody hand, those too specific for your quirky little offering. This is not a magazine for bankers, unless they hate their job and have a screaming partner who forces them to seek solace in pain pills and gin. I should rather say, this is not a magazine for the happy banker, nor for the natural politician. It is not a magazine for bullies, nor for those who get their jollies by making others feel lousy.

It is, however, a magazine for the natural misfit. You don’t have to be a tattoo artist’s favourite canvas to be one, nor do have to listen to your old bootlegs from the glory days of punk. All you have to do is feel like one. You know who you are, you’re the one who has always felt a little on the outside, sees the things that the happy banker hasn’t the time to notice or inclination to care about. You might be a lonely housewife whose husband is fucking your sister, you might the one who falls in love with love itself and then wakes up in an empty bed yet again. You might be the one who drinks too much and doesn’t see any reason to stop. You might feel uncomfortable with being labelled either a conservative or, more to the point, a liberal. You can see the beautiful in the mundane, have begun to grow accustomed to your own company and now you want to make something of this out-of-step perspective.

Ink makes a difference.

You don’t have to be great, just good. A good writer or poet is good enough. Good writing is great anyway.

If this, or a variation of this, is you, then Misfits’ Miscellany is for you. We don’t care what colour your hair, how wrinkly your skin, nor how big your bottom. We don’t care what others think of you, we care what you think of your very own, and our, world. The idea is create a free place where those who aren’t necessarily trying to keep step with traditions of poetry, prose, art and just about anything which will use ink, can contribute, maybe get published and find one or two misfits who enjoy the work with a knowing nod. For the most voted piece each month, the contributor will receive TWENTY PERCENT of that month’s net profit. This is just a minor attempt to address the uncomfortable way in which artists, the non-populists, mostly make enough for cheap bread and tinned jam when even the printers are making a living.

But that’s all far away. There is no profit to be handed over until the treasured hard copy hits the shelves or, as is more likely, the one shelf. Until then this website is sort of an exploratory space, to see if people like the idea and appreciate some of the work.

Any and all submissions are welcome. The only requirement for publication, aside from a limit of a thousand words (a few more if it’s worth it) and that you are either 18 or older, is that there is something individual and, possibly, clever about your work. Though it doesn’t have to scream clever, it must just be a worthwhile work, small or medium-sized, in its own way. This is about, as they say, keeping it real and, sometimes, raw. Which is, of course, a matter of taste most of the time. A medium-rare fillet may be one person’s raw meal and another’s burnt dinner. Read a bit and if you don’t feel poisoned, then you’re probably already a little poisoned and that might make you one of us.

Welcome, Misfits.

Curator & Conspirator
Philip Vermaas

A note about the Facebook page: because MM is in blog format, it’s only the poetry which will feature in email or “following” notifications. On the MM Facebook page, I post links to all the new content, including ART and PROSE. So, if you want the full experience and have a FB account, it’s a good idea to follow thus.

Misfits’ Miscellany is now listed on Duotrope.

If Misfits’ Miscellany ain’t for you, or you just want to find some good poetry and mags open for no-fee online submissions, this is another good list; “compiled continually” by Louie Crew:

  1. i think i’m in love with your blog.

  2. I enjoy your blog. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, which I hope you’ll accept and enjoy!
    The rules can be found on my page:

  3. I enjoy your blog. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, which I hope you’ll accept and enjoy! The rules can be found on my page:

  4. Thanks to sheriji, quieter elephant and Jennifer of Quirkin’It, all for nominating for the Versatile Blogger award. I will get there eventually, when I figure out a few tech things and can figure out how to not interfere with the as yet untainted flow of the main blog page which has, so far, only has poetry on it…

  5. I just read the whole thing and seriously the me before reading this blog and the me after reading this blog (like now) is totally different…good job

  6. Did you make these gifs? They are super cool!

  7. Really great blog. I’ll be back to dig a little deeper!

  8. What a great blog. I am sure I will become a regular visitor.

  9. Wow, what a brilliant idea. There is some amazing stuff on this blog. I am going to enjoy working my way through it.

  10. I never realised that’s what this blog was about before. What a great idea! I’m a misfit – maybe i fit in here somewhere!

  11. m lewis redford

    Oh, very seductive! And here I was getting very comfortable in the belly of my cave watching the shadows dance and flicker. Now I’m going to have to stand myself all the way up and find my way out! Agh! the light – your blog – the light!

  12. m lewis redford

    ‘You don’t have to be great, just good. A good writer or poet is good enough. Good writing is great anyway.’

    Just read this again – I am really liking the non-striving, non-ends-focussed, non-professional, a-competitive, non-corporate, in-clusive, or-ganic shrub of a blog which is where poetry should be – unobtrusive, but fibrous.

    ‘A good writer or poet is good enough.’ This is sublime – a whole ocean of anxiety dispelled in one stroke. Where poetry is too.

    And I’ve just noticed your tiled wallpaper as well – hearts and bones – clever

    • Poetry can be many things, but one of the great things is that you can write a hundred in a month if you want. There isn’t the same pressure to make it perfect as there is with a short story or novel. Poetry doesn’t have to be, but it can be pretty rock and roll, as in strumming three chords rather than navigating Mozart for the piano; there’s freedom to be raw and rough.

      It’s the one thing anyone can be, a poet. If all you’ve got is a bloody thumbnail or a bit of broken tooth and a prison cell wall, you can write a poem.

      I quoted this quote recently, which is pinned to the poetry page over at Tawdry Bawdry: “Poetry is not a civilizer, rather the reverse, for great poetry appeals to the most primitive instincts.” Robinson Jeffers.

      I don’t think it has to be true, there’s room for cleverness and formal structure and, anything really, but it can be true.

  13. I love the authors on here, Misfits. Maybe for me the format could be easier, because I don’t so much like clicking away from a page to see things – I like to be able to skip to them on the same page with a link, say. If I move away from the page it’s extra connection time, which for me is an issue.

    • Thanks, butimbeautiful. I did debate over different kinds of format, but this one seemed the only way to make it a mixture of a one-poem-a-day site and a repository of past work. I’ve tried to link work with authors wherever possible, while still allowing each piece to have its own space. The blog format does have its limitations and I’ve considered going into a self-hosted site, but even on the big poetry sites I mostly find it harder to access past work than I do on here. On all of them I have to click away. Though any clever suggestions are welcome. I hope the format doesn’t prevent you from stopping by every so often and dipping into the treasure box.

  14. Missus Tribble

    I came here via Dotty Headbanger. She is now off Double Gloucester for life, which makes me sad because she was going to continue eating it for the benefit of my lactose intolerant self!

    Could you make her like it again please? :)

  15. Dear Misfit’s-
    Thank you for always reading my work :0) I do appreciate it

  16. This is awesome.. love your blog.. : )


  17. I like the new colors on the header.

  18. Just added you to my *very* exclusive blogroll, Phil.
    All the best,

  19. I’ve nominated your blog for the Thought-Provoking Blog Award. What you have to do about it is here:

    It’s just a bit of recognition and publicity. If you don’t want to pick it up I won’t be offended.

  20. Have nominated you for a Reader Appreciation Award. See the “rules” here:

    Keep posting!

    • A gracious thank you. I’ll have a look. As you may have realized, I haven’t been reading blogs at all for a while, but I’ll get back soon. It’s a matter of time and the last 200 megs on the dongle.

  21. Hey there MM – love the poems and support you foster.
    I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award, if you’re interested in such baubles.
    Check out:

    Yeah – I know you already got one from sheriji… maybe they’ll be a breeding pair.

  22. I have been visited by an award which was touching and have passed it on to you; if you would like to share the love visit: and mirror whatever seems to be happening there in your own eyes and words; if you don’t want to participate in the mexican-pink ritual that is also fine – just know that your being has been loved

  23. Hi Philip,
    I just nominated you for another award! I understand that you may not have time to accept it right now, but hope you can read about it here.

    Hoping all is well with you – I miss your visits!
    Anne :-)


    • I don’t know. I was planning to be back in the UK by now, from where it’s much easier to begin printing and distributing, but I’ve not made it back yet and am planning an anthology which will be made available online sometime in the New Year. I want to print a regular magazine, but I’m in South Africa at the moment, and from here it’s impossible.

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