B.Z. Niditch

         Just as on earth each household had installed a skype to their telephone, television or computer to speak and observe their fellow human beings so in outer space in every capsule cave dwelling, so there was a Zoosphere monitoring and recalling all of what is recalled and taught in Universe University as sci-civ 101.

         Yet one morning in New York City and on Mars, a direct telecommunication between earth science and adjoining space module-nodule rings is seen as a spreading nimbus of greyness in the skies.

         Here is a joint landing on the Red Planet and home planet of a new galactic ship expedition. The Red Planet’s landing is led by Cape Canaveral scientist Lo Ming and cosmonaut Fyodor Romanski, while on earth it’s Adam and Eva Tepper from the Outer Space Institute with the once unscrupulous mad-capped Dr. Sylvester Cain. A world-wide global communication network with antennas on every continent and planet has been installed with a single button on the belly of the interstellar beast from the equator. A harmonic conversion has taken place with a single ear-chip between all people, nations, city planners, city-slick politicians, love-sick stand-up comedians, farmers, sci-fi writers; with a single ink blot of a signature there is now the abrogation of sovereignty. This was no hair-brained scheme, but it must be said that every hair was numbered in the hereafter: where time, space and nation states did not exist because of international treaties signed by the world confederation of scientists and stateless men and women Inc.
         So, in beds, at hook ups, way or train stations, soft landings or hard, on situations everyone paused at the same moment and movement of gravity to see and hear on their Zoosphere or eye-pads and there were no more outside forces separating citizens of an omnibus new omega order.

         Adam, Eva ,Sylvester, Lo and Fyodor are being lauded for their lifelong achievement as the New World Symphony is being rehearsed by endless ageless choirs everywhere playing and being sung in the espen Esperanto language.

         Huge fireworks on Olympic stadiums and para Olympics are lit as sports figures, artists, scientists, cartoonists, actors, warlords, mercenaries, doctors and witch doctors, jocks and jockeys, rock stars, Russian ballet stars and the New York Watusi dancers, beauty pageant winners and losers, models, stage hands, art and stag film directors and extras, doctors of theology and demonology, biologists, economists, shrinks, former commanders of armies, navies, bar tenders, teachers of architecture, culture vultures, critics, religious warriors, circus performers, animal trainers, ice follies dancers, duck hunters, art and funeral directors, even one-night-stand sex workers…they all congratulate themselves.

         World News banner headlines, “It’s A Whopper Of A Night” and the android androgynous blues singer Sugar Ray from a TV show shown on the Zoosphere. “Life with the Stars” belts out. “When the World is One” comes through cables of intricate wires on the newly installed universe wireless.

         The Zoosphere is playing, simultaneously, “War of the Worlds” the musical, starring Bruce and Jason with a cameo from its director Sylvester and, if you are concerned, Dr. Lucy, Olga and Matte Schmatte who, having smoked the peace pipe with Adam and Eva, are all getting high and hi fi’s from the Sex Institute for Advanced Liberal Arts Studies, feeling the omniscience of omnipotence and importance from the ultra-scientific community.
         It has been a long journey where legends were created on the Zoosphere and everyone shines like stars in the heavens and we sign out.   

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

  1. This is it, the final installment of B.Z. Niditch’s The Zoosphere. And so we say goodbye to this band of looneys and wish them well.

    Read the whole serial by heading to B.Z.’s page:

  2. “or hard, on situations” … Ha!

    Wow. I love paragraph six.

    In the past couple of installments, you’ve switched to spelling “Matte” with an “e” rather than an “a.” And there were a few typos in installment 12; you may want to look over it again. Feel free to delete my comments as well; I didn’t intend to edit. :)

    I love this: “who, having smoked the peace pipe with Adam and Eva, are all getting high and hi fi’s from the Sex Institute for Advanced Liberal Arts Studies, feeling the omniscience of omnipotence and importance from the ultra-scientific community.”

    This is a fabulous piece; it is no small wonder that I’ve read it in its entirety. I found it highly entertaining, interesting, and thought provoking, and I do so appreciate you sharing it with us.

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