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Julia West

i imagined her running around wordlessly, beating cars in a parking lot.

she told me that she’d laugh.
she’d laugh while tears rained from her eyes, tears of joy,
conducting an exquisite symphony,
a cacophony of shattering glass and bending metal and air hissing from slashed rubber

and laughter

car to car; vehicle to vehicle; she’d move.
no make or model would be safe, no colour discriminated against
evenly distributed destruction
and laughter
beautiful destruction
and laughter
freedom in chaos, the kind of freedom that cannot be hidden away any longer
and laughter!

then she’d walk away, exhilarated
leaving it all behind her

more, and less human than she’d ever been before;
more, and less human than she’d ever be again.
laughing to herself in the aftermath.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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