Gerard Mullan

I’m getting sick of writing about writing. Writing, acting, driving one force into another. Syntax. If. Therefore. By what means one relates to another, vocabulary. Definition, user case and point. Point action, act in order to perceive In order to act in order to transcend

Given language taken language conflux diversion symbolism meaning metaphor one in another in another defined by stricture construct links lost in the library label definition catalog synonym one is another equates to then by variable definition must be maybe most probably indefinite definite paradox built into stable structure as hypocrisy soul mind body release engine drive catalyse process towards a given position and upon attaining said position hold

for one instant in order to assimilate a mass of broken words which by any other name could be anything else and with said and forementioned knowledge write write write write write

Reality is slipping beneath my fingertips as action negates itself by equating to the result of action renegates itself to the value of inaction. What am I doing? Is there any meaning out there? I can’t feel anything but the need to feel and the action equates to the inaction and so I sit. I write I burst I equate and am consummate yet vacuous as all pours over me and around me and never makes landfall because shape demands negative absence to collide and nothing fits no meaning no equates to reason unravelling as motion becomes living becomes hollow becomes aversion becomes fantasy tunnels rapid evacuation of the disdained facility as parts break of and paradox equates to paradox plus turmoil equates to inaction no drive cogs cease dimensions fixed into an ever more exact state by which to incapacitate the observer sensory deprivation cages bars open spaces empty spaces fill with ideas and null value made inconstant by thought as ideas flow from an incarcerated source into an incarcerated locale until the cage turns sideways as the equation topples exterior to the power of one interior to the power of


if prison defined by an intentional separation from the majority of sensory feedback then prison equates to that place apart from me as worlds expand on the inside and collapse elsewhere freedom by any given name is that means by which happiness is attained regardless of external opinions or aspirations happiness by any given name is







Happiness is

A factor by which we measure the ease of an entity travelling between two set points and is therefore defined as inviolate by the nature of paths by the nature of freeway and ease of transportation given that any factor is and can be no more than a mode of numeric obsession bound up in phrases clauses sentences sentenced to suffer beneath the burden of parallax as the observer moves away from given variables in the pursuit of the secondary set point hate anger conflict fear horror remorse pity from which an antipathy drives us and which by their very nature surround us to separate us from all else as an immovable barrier

Inexcusable in its intent to mar the given path by which happiness equates. to. An interminable effort of an unstoppable force to move an immovable object as said variables are identified as outside entities given internal meaning by which the participant doctors itself upon the blades of annihilation and rejuvenation in an undying urge to fulfill that single most pure intention from which it began

Anywhere But Here.

So much so that the participant acknowledges the barrier cuts itself off from all else and ceases to feel in an attempt to negate the value of said and aforementioned tragedies and by that act cease integral reaction in favour of


to destroy. To abolish to quash to nullify to expunge to clean to excoriate to purify all in a desperate attempt to move an immovable barrier of which the cornerstone is identifiable but which when removed generates an ascending quantity of tragedy/

There. is. One perceivable action by which the participant may break out of the barrier may the participant wish to break out of the barrier given the ascending power of Six within the point of exact incarceration. To. Bleed. Out. into the consciousness of every other participant progressing along the given path by means of certain empty expressions that resonate within them and as such when born upon one anothers’ shoulders transport the prison in its entirety towards the secondary set point and in doing so fracture minute parts of the barrier so Light Warmth Feeling may enter in but by methods above-mentioned the participant can find only nothing in them because it has turned in upon itself as an act of sustained existence.

To what does happiness equate?

It Equates To

Puppies softness sleep warm bread chocolate impaling myself upon the spear of torment in order to slay the monster clawing within in order to preserve the illusion of a world in which goodness exists despite all reality by becoming the sundered dichotomy that is Evil / All Else we let our secrets consume our soul-essence because


We I It released that inner darkness by any moment of negated inhibition it would spread ever outward to devour the soul-essence of the whole world and leave no point-counterpoint upon which any may hope to engage in that act defined as the pursuit of happiness by those that came before in exodus and those whose odyssey has yet to begin.


The only logical determination is to place the infected article under scheduled quarantine to isolate and to contain until such a point that a cure may be found scheduled visiting hours are in fact Never as to ensure the purity of the experimental procedure remains intact. Observation indicates that under prolonged isolation the soul ceases to be affected by elements of the outside world despite awareness of the signatures and intrinsic value of said elements. Observation indicates that the subject shows blatant disregard for its own existence and rages against its being in voluntary acts of self-destruction made moot by the point factor that the soul is eternal and self-perpetuating so long as it holds to the core demand of Anywhere But Here and by attempting to displace itself does in fact continue to exist.

Studies show that the subject is fighting its incarceration by the insistence that it can by various means of expression become a self-contained universe embodying every known thing outside of the fixed point incarceration. It makes such demands known by repeatedly breaking the regulations assigned to the facility by such means as metaphor, allegory, perception, knowledge, truth and it is only by certain brute measures of sabotage that the All Else has beaten and drugged the subject into submission.

The subject becomes increasingly erratic in its behavior and insists that it is a paradox. Not evil but inseparable from it. It continually questions the worth of the fixed point state, demanding freedom and screaming at itself to be silent. Sanity at this point is negligible. The observer acknowledges the sacrifices made by the subject while still holding firm to the necessity of triage as one soul contained releases all others and yet if I could feel anything it would be pity.

The observer broke regulations and entered the quarantine area last night all nights ever after time non-fixed point out of a desire to befriend the subject and realised at once that isolation/starvation were doing no more than increasing the severity of the infection. The observer hopes to rectify and prevent all further putrefaction of the soul-essence by actively undertaking research into a cure.\

The cure is

A method by which the paradigm of integral hypocrisy may be severed into true dichotomy rather than the paradox state of Evil-Purity / All Else by means of true negation of the secret within while not negating the Soul and dooming it to an eternity in quarantine. The observer which by another name calls itself Mind has given itself wholly over to the assimilation of relevant data by which it hopes to fathom a method to proceed. In absence of true emotion it encourages the observer of the observer to see what was once a void become a vacuum by any other name emptiness

But with intention.

All Equates To an effort to reduce the world to finite quantities and in them seek an answer.

All Equates To an effort to reduce a soul to finite quantities and in it seek an answer.

All Equates To an effort to reduce a soul to finite quantities and in her

End the quarantine.


By natural intent of preventing the spread of corruption to additional souls the observer demands that any secondary subject entered in as Case Study Two be infected to an equal or greater extent than Subject One-to-the-power-of-Six . The ultimate intent of this stage of the experiment is an allopathic treatment of such symptoms brought about by extended isolation in the facility. Secondary objectives include

\The expansion of the facility within the quarantine zone of the barrier so as to allow for a secondary fixed point within the operating area and through that fixed point accomplish by any means necessary the objective of Anywhere But Here and in doing so acquire a microcosm of that element identified as Happiness.

\The integration of the two subjects’ internal paradox by blending the primary combative forces within them. By. Any. Other. Words Evil-Purity-Purity-Evil as is demanded by the strictures of finite quantity.

To determine by observation the effects of spiritual unity; corruption; rejuvenation; and exact annihilation.

\To, in conclusion, provide meaning to an otherwise hollow existence./





©2012 This work is the property of the author.

  1. A challenging and interesting piece of writing about writing and many other things from Gerard Mullan. Also notable, I think, for the marriage of style with substance or, if you prefer, form with function.

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