B.Z. Niditch

Up and Adam and willing to challenge Sylvester once again for Eva’s affection, he writes a new poem on the Zoosphere:

“Starry dawn, with my ex,
what a big bang universe
we had on mornings
like this,
how we copulated
under the stars,
up to Venus
then in Mercury,
driving our double-jointed
bodies on solitary horizons
through land-rover landscapes
in the midst of the sky
and star dust
in endless love fecund fevers
with the lips and strata
of transfigured nights
on monster metamorphoses
of a full groin of memory
losing sleep
and consciousness,
from a half glimpsed sun
when time scatters.”

 Adam sends this to Eva on the Zoosphere who is writing a space comic book for young cosmonauts aboard the soyuz.

“Hello, Adam, beautiful nostalgic poem which has elements of earth-wise metaphoric language of the home planet. Do you want to sneak back to earth for a brief visit like on our first honey moon, a brief respite from our mooning and groaning?”

“Yes, Eva, it was the day of the Americanskis’ first landing on the moon.”

“I remember you winning our bet the Americans would land up here first.”

“Yes Olga convinced me it would be the Russians to first orbit.”

“She can be very persuasive, as Sylvester knows by now.”

“Will you be able to leave Matta Schmatte?”

“She is on Venus with Bruce and Jason doing a political sex manual for the Zoosphere capitalist-socialist bisexual annual animal sci-fi network sponsored by the blogosphere-biosphere for the biological year book committee headed by Matta herself. That must impress you!”

“Matta gets around.”

“And you don’t, Eva.”

“Let’s hook up our capsules and pay them a visit on our way to earth.”

Our first couple arrives and greets Bruce and Jason. Eva space walks away, just for a mind bending Venus drink.
“Hey guys how’s it hanging and hanging out up here?”

Bruce leans weak-kneed on Jason.

”We feel at home here, Adam. It’s like Uranus in some ways.  No persecution like on the other planets. You wrote a paper on us once.”

Matta made cookies from her popular computer recipe book on the Zoosphere. These are delicious weight-watching goat and oatmeal brownies. Have one, Adam. We all got high on Timothy Leary’s cookies who once earned a meth and math degree from Harvard. We are as high as his well known Mars bars with LSD.”

“Oh, Adam, let’s be buds.”

“I changed from being an earth sexist, if that’s what you are implying.”

“We know you’re now a card carrying member of the space tolerant society.”

“Yes, Jason. I believe in being spacially and sexually free. That’s how I earned my star from the STC.”

Bruce drinks from his mind foody glass of 34 vitamins and minerals. “I have heard you and Eva are planning to purchase an air bus.”

“Where did you hear that, from Matta?”

“Matta is my sister, after all.”

“Eva made space reservations for two on the Zoosphere. Olga informed me as well that everyone by now on the Zoosphere knows.”

Matta suddenly gets off her space capsule. “I see a three-some of like minds and bodies.”

“I’m a married man.”

“I know you just used me to get your space rocks off but I don’t blame you. Sex is a scientific necessity for the inner and outer body experience.”

“Olga is an informer like you, Matta, for the cia kgb.”

“Let’s say Olga is informed. Have some meth cookies, high energy synergy, Adam with testosterone c9 that Jason and Bruce crave in the mornings to replenish their busy-bee mornings. Eva you’re so quiet today.”

“I yield to my ex.”

“An unlikely story.”

“Jason, do you work out here?”

“Bruce and I are sometimes on the ropes”

“I won’t inform on you at the free love association.  I never attended that ten step program for sexual diversity myself.”

“Too bad! We met at the top bottom, mind body bar and seminar.”

“Eva, let’s go. Matta, will you stop pushing Eva.”

“You don’t know about female to female love. You are still a sexist, earthy thinking male, Adam. Here’s a topless space cadet serving us cookies.”

“Eva, we’re leaving.”

“Take some cookies for your Alderson disk’s risky journey to earth. But don’t let Olga or I know you’re going to be earth bound to actually land on the home planet where we could arrest you for any arrested development.”

“So you still are cia kgb agent provocateurs?”

“We work on many Zoosphere projects for defects and defectors. You better not think of even skirting the home planet earth even for nostalgic or sentimental reasons. Dr. Lucy Putz could lock you up in her Lucy lunatic asylum for life. By the way, Adam I liked your poem on the Zoosphere today.”

Starry down with my ex….I know it by heart.”

“You have no heart, Matta. Why don’t you consult Olga for a new heart transplant.”

“I like to break hearts. I even broke Jason and Bruce’s hearts and their relationship with the L.S.D. and they didn’t even suspect it when I was hiding on the rope-line in the gym and offered Jason a free day-sex change. He was so high on my cookies he took up my offer and even ate up my cookies. When Bruce saw the pictures I put on the Zoosphere they almost broke up. Bruce called on his sister Lucy and she is on my case!”

“Oh Matta, what a trouble maker you are!”

“Adam, don’t betray me or you will wind up in Lucy’s asylum.”

“Go screw yourself, Matta.”

“Screw you, Adam and Eva. That maparium for your soyuz earth journey in your space capsule is now in my hands. You have no map to earth. I stole it, so get lost in outer space.”

“You are a thief, Matta.”

“So sorry.”

“I have another duplicate copy in my space matter brain, trust me.”

“Good luck, on board your soyuz flight. I’ll have targeted missiles aimed at you.”

“Dos vidanya, Matta and  say goodbye to Bruce and Jason for me.”

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

  1. Episode 9 of B.Z. Niditch’s sci-fi romp, The Zoosphere. Head to his page to catch up on episodes 1 to 8:

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