Please take into account that I’m publishing  TWO POEMS A DAY until the queue settles to a manageable size. If it keeps growing, I’ll adapt the site more comprehensively.

Keep in mind that if you send your work in now, it may very well end up on the site but there’s no money involved. That is, unless it’s good enough to travel through to the hard copy days. If it’s good, the magazine in print form may include it. The printed page is a different world, the game will change but the good work is always going to be the primary focus.

Poets take note: This is a one-poem-a-day magazine, which means that it may take some time for all your poems, if they’ve been accepted, to appear. The idea is to not overwhelm readers and to seduce new readers with the simple concept of offering one piece of work a day. Don’t want to fill up in-boxes and supply more than many can digest. Also, this means that existing contributors whose poems are still being published in rotation might get published before a new poet’s submission. This is not always the case, it’s about being fair, building work into the rotation in an often intuitive way in order to keep the sense of “miscellany” alive. If there have been too many heavy poems in succession, then a light or funny poem by a new poet may well appear earlier than expected. Please be patient, the work will get published. The current rotation is about a three weeks between poems from a single author; although this can change and does change depending on how many poems and poets are in the queue. And it can take up to six weeks for your first piece to appear.

A note on simultaneous submissions: Misfits’ Miscellany is happy to receive simultaneous submissions, nor is there any problem with your work having been published elsewhere, but please send each of the works in separate emails, that way I can delete one when it has been accepted elsewhere.

Bios: You are not obliged to send in a bio, of course, but it would be welcome. It would be published on the Poets’ Page. Please try to keep it to around fifty words, although it can be over. Fifty words sometimes doesn’t cover the list of publications that some poets have.

Copyright: Of course, you retain sole copyright of your work. By sending it in, you’re only agreeing to allow Misfits’ Miscellany to publish it on this site and to be linked in the blog world. Any later publication will be discussed before the fact. Because MM is in blog format, people may well share (as in “reblog”) your work on their site. Mostly, people place links, but I have seen that full posts have been used on more than the original site. They are obliged to credit you and Misfits’ Miscellany. If you notice that your work has been shared without credit, please let me know and I’ll contact the person responsible. Read the MANIFESTO for more information.

MM is also happy to place links to stores which sell contributors’ chapbooks and the like.

It’s IMPORTANT to note that Misfits’ Miscellany is a magazine for those 18 and over. By submitting your work, you are acknowledging that you are of an appropriate age to submit work.

Response times: Someone pointed out that it would be helpful to place some measure of response times to submissions. Until recently, I’d been responding to emails within a few days, but MM has become quite busy recently and has been receiving many more submissions. I will try to respond within a month, but if I haven’t responded within two months please send an email with the word ENQUIRY in the subject line.

Please submit your piece in the body of the email in a clear font so it’s easy to read on the screen. RTF and WORD attachments will also do just fine.

POETRY can be two lines or a hundred, but please don’t submit more than 3 poems in a month.

PROSE and SHORT STORIES shouldn’t be much more than a thousand words, but we’ll go over if it’s the good shit. Just 1 piece of work a month, please; unless the prose is of a short, pithy nature, in which case up to 5 submissions a month is fine.

GRAPHICS and COMICS should be submitted as a JPEG file with a resolution of 72 DPI. Landscaped images can be either A4 or A5, depending on the length and/or style of the work. Portrait images shouldn’t be larger than A5.

Include in the SUBJECT line of the email the word SUBMISSION and the kind of work it is. Please don’t include pages of the stuff, just a few will do. Less is more.

The email address is:

Or click the link:


  1. Hello, I got nominated for this versatile blogger award thing, where you then in turn nominate 15-20 blogs that you follow. I only just subsribed to your blog, but I wanted it to be one of the ones that I nominated, I hope this is ok, Laura. Look at it this way if you prefer, it’s another good excuse to be honest, because you have to write seven things about yourself.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for subscribing to it as well. I write some poetry, it comes and goes and sometimes some of the poems show up on my blog. I appreciate your “like” of my “About” page. That’s probably one too many words in quotations for one sentence, don’t you think?

    I may pop in here from time to time. You have a great thing going on. Keep up the good work and best wishes! twinkly

  3. Thanks, Twinkly. Stop by anytime, and use as many quotes as you like. As long as they make sense and don’t hinder the flow, then it’s all fair game.

  4. We are trying to start up a rag. So, if you or any of your readers are interested in submitting, please do.

  5. hello, I really like the way you keep your blog. The idea of posting/publishing one piece of art per day is great – readers have time to read and it is short enough not to bore them :-) I am seriously considering a submission to you. Some time in the future :-)
    Keep it up and best wishes,

  6. I’m 12…. ok, I’ll wait six more years…

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