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Steve Klepetar

Six times in the last few days and now
with curses and prayers I’m out of it,
gone, you might say, spewed out into
the night.  Who would bless this regal
blood?  If I could lie there one more
time, if I could stop this blistering cold…

I have a tongue tuned to frost of night
and a wandering eye and all your
messages dipped with seeds and fused
with fiery wine.  I spin in darkness, bob
and weave my shadow dance.  Who can
hear taxis, those golden fish, hurtling

against waves of sound?  My hands
are full of blue snow against street light
midnight jewels.  If only your hair
brushed against my lips and my soaring
were done.  Who can bear these bright
fish plowing through tideland and marsh,

and who hasn’t been broken or can find
a watery name exiled on these granular banks?

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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