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Ray Sharp

Tanka No. 1

he’d rather buy me
a watermelon than a
flower, Gong Haiyan

said of her new husband Guo
whom she met on Jiayuan*

Tanka No. 2

he took off his hat
and said a little prayer
to their god above

as he knelt between her legs
for a little taste of love

Tanka No. 3

Lucinda counted
all of her weary blessings
as he lay dying

of an exhausting search for
renewable energy

Tanka No. 4

her wound cannot heal
as long as he picks and pokes
with every new moon

and sends her a goodnight kiss
with his damn scorpion tail

* Jiayuan, which means “Beautiful Destiny,” is China’s largest on-line
matchmaking site, founded by Gong Haiyan.

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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