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THE 70s

THE 70s
Seth Wehrs

I wish I could have lived in the 70s, been born in 1960
It was a great time despite the economy
AC/DC’s Let There Be Rock
Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors
BTO, BOC, and Springsteen
It means Impalas by Chevy
Firebirds by Pontiac
And Mustangs, all with V8s
Dark Side of the Moon
And Zeppelin II
Shlitz and Blatz, whatever was cheap
High school keggers and hazy times
My dad as a teenager
We’d have been best friends
Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Kiss
And Rush in Canada
The Eagles, Stones, and Runaways
I could go on about bands for days
Music was cool, cars were awesome, and beer was cheap
Sounds like a good time to me

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