Mandi M. Lynch

         Jane wasn’t one to give into peer pressure, wasn’t the type who would just do what a group of people told her to do. Now, as she struggled with the button on Mitch’s pants, she wondered what her friends thought of her. Diane and Taylor sat in the living room, and she could picture the smug looks that she knew must be on their faces.

         Still, she didn’t stop. It had been far too long, and if Mitch was all for random sex with a friend, then did it really matter that mutual friends had had to egg them on? Jane wondered how long the foreplay would last if she let Mitch run the show, and decided to further him along. If only he’d take a hint, she thought as she tried to clue him in.

         By the time they were done, it had felt like an eternity: a long, slow, boring eternity. But her needs were met for the time being, and that was really all that mattered now, wasn’t it? Mitch rolled off her and the two of them snuggled together, both of their heads resting on her carefully placed arm. She knew what she was doing, even if he still had volumes to learn.

         Jane stared in his eyes, caramel-brown and inviting. The night hadn’t been a total wash; in this moment, she realized that maybe the planets had aligned just a little bit. Maybe her luck was turning. After all, she had gone so long that she almost forgot what sex was. Two years was an eternity, and was beginning to resent being so alone at her peak. But now… so what if the sex had been mediocre? She sunk into the bed a little, more relaxed than she had been in goddess-knew-how-long and they stayed in that silence for twenty blissful minutes until he decided they should probably rejoin the girls in the living room.

         She rolled out of bed, carefully avoiding the wet spot (and rather annoyed at the fact that he hadn’t even allowed her that when he so obviously missed most of her pleasure points), and slipped back into her clothes.

         As Jane walked barefoot back down the hallway, she wondered when she’d be able to see Mitch again…

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

  1. Mandi’s first piece of work on MM. I think it’s got charm.

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